- Mental Health Wellbeing Practitioner


I am a registered British Psychological Society (BPS) member and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.   I am currently a year off my Masters in neuroscience and mental health Science.  I can therefore understand you as a person and the challenges you may bring to our sessions. Often people come to therapy looking for answers on how to heal their difficulties….how you got here, what is keeping you here and how you can move forward.   I will help you look at negative cycles, patterns, negative ruminative thinking and use proven psychological techniques to help you overcome self-beliefs and live the life right for you.

I have worked within a school setting for over 4 years, helping a multitude of clients manage their emotional wellbeing and successfully working with students and adult clients with a range of psychological distress including panic, anxiety, depression, self-harm and eating disorders, primarily using a cognitive behavioural therapy approach and mindfulness. I have worked with children in primary schools, secondary schools and adults.  I specialise in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, phobia, depression and anxiety disorders, informing the client of evidence-based techniques and motivating change.  Change is challenging, and I will work with you empathically to review your goals and progress.  I also have experience working within drug and alcohol treatment.

I offer a comfortable and accepting space for those experiencing difficulties where we can work together to explore issues and support you through your challenges. I always feel privileged to listen to people’s life experiences and support them to learn coping skills, challenge beliefs and overcome mental health issues. My style is collaborative and informed by you, matching your needs.

There are many ways to work with psychological difficulties and I use techniques from CBT, Mindfulness, DBT and attachment theory. All my work is grounded in psychological research and proven techniques. Through my work I aim to support people to understand their challenges and develop ways of working that will reduce often painful and difficult thoughts and feelings, always with the aim to improve a person’s quality of life.

Qualifications & Experience

BSc Honours Psychology
Draw and Talk therapy consultant
CBT and Mindfulness 1 year online diploma
Working towards – Masters in Mental Health Science

Related Training
Counselling young people and adults
Autism Awareness training
Emetrophobia Training

British Psychological Society