- Counsellor - Adults


James is an Individual and Couple Counsellor working with Adults

As a Person-Centred Counsellor, James works to create a safe environment where clients can explore their issues in an accepting and empathic environment.   He provides support to those who have experienced loss, adjustment, relationship and/or abuse issues and helps people to discover who they are and accept themselves fully.

He has been employed as a full time Counsellor since 2010.   His interest in counselling was ignited when James sought personal help from a therapist after experiencing some issues with alcohol use.    He felt the healing power of being understood and was able to make sense of his issues and regain control of his life.

He has four years’ experience of working in an addiction service and found it very rewarding seeing clients make progress in reducing or stopping their alcohol or substance use and taking control of their lives.   For the last five years he has worked in primary care, helping clients who are experiencing anxiety or depression to overcome their difficulties and lead more meaningful and pleasurable lives.

James has a special interest in working with Couples where one or both members of the couple is suffering from depression.  Following some specialist training at the Tavistock centre in Leeds, he pursued his interest in relationship dynamics between people in relationships, recognising that partners have the ability to influence each other in very positive or negative ways.

When offering Couple Therapy for Depression, James strives to offer a safe space where a couple can gain a different experience of each other, helping them to work together to communicate more effectively and to see things from each other’s perspective.  He works to help couples show more affection to each other and looks at recurring issues affecting the relationship.  He can also help with infidelity issues when one member of the couple is depressed.

Qualifications & Experience

2011 – BA Hons in Counselling – Sunderland University.
2019 – Couple Therapy for Depression Training – Tavistock Relationships, Leeds