Kate B

- Counsellor - Adults


Kate is a Psychotherapist who holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology.  She studied at the Northern Guild of Psychotherapy, where she obtained her Diploma in Psycho-therapeutic Counselling, Post Graduate diploma and MSc in Psychotherapy.

The approach I use in therapy is integrative, with Transactional Analysis being my main model.   In reality this means I pull together different models and theories that will help towards the helping you the client reach your goals.

Transactional Analysis is a versatile theory that looks at people’s behaviours and their relationships; working under idea that each individual is valuable and has the capacity for positive change and personal growth. I work with clients by exploring issues they are currently facing, whilst reflecting upon their past experiences and how they maybe linked to the issues they are experiencing in the here and now.

The work I do is creative, and the focus is on you the client and you journey to achieving a greater understanding of yourself, allowing you to achieve the life you want.

I believe that given the right support, then a person can flourish and live the life that gives them joy and pleasure.

I have gained a broad base of counselling experience, offering therapy for over 9 years of working with adults from all age groups and backgrounds. I have worked counselling in GP’s surgeries, Counselling services and a Women’s Health and Wellbeing Centre. During this time, I have worked with many people experiencing many difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma and childhood abuse.

I have spent much time working with women who have experienced domestic violence, coercive control, and other traumas. Helping women process their trauma and understand their experiences is rewarding and where my passion lies.

My interest in counselling began after I had my own personal therapy and was able to recognise the amazing impact that it had upon my outlook and life.

Nature is an integral part of my life, and I am often found outdoors in the wild, this influences my work greatly and I believe we are all held by Nature via our connection to it and ourselves.

Qualifications & Experience

BSc (Hons) in Psychology

Diploma in Psycho-therapeutic Counselling

Post Graduate Diploma and MSc in Psychotherapy.