- Relationship and Family Psychotherapist


Lisa is a UKCP Accredited Systemic Family Psychotherapist working with families, couples and individuals

Lisa is a UKCP Accredited Systemic Family Psychotherapist, qualifying from Leeds University with a Master of Science Degree, with experience in providing exceptional treatment for families, couples and individuals experiencing distress affecting their relationships.

Lisa’s style is warm and empathetic, and she feels passionately that all family members, couples and individuals who care for each other can access support to help them understand and express difficult emotions safely and make positive changes in their life.

Lisa’s approach helps families, couples and individuals to better understand each other’s needs, and develop strategies to resolve problems. Family therapy is sensitive to family cultures and beliefs, and respectful of the needs of everyone within the family.

The most common problems Lisa works with are stressful and traumatic life events such as, work and school-related problems, divorce and separation, parent-child conflict and illness or death of a loved one. Many other difficulties can be helped by family therapy, these include, ADHD, addictions, depression,  eating disorders, fostering, adoption and kinship care needs, and any other conditions that may be having a damaging effect on the family life. This makes family therapy useful for times of crisis and long-standing problems that are stressful on the family unit.

Qualifications & Experience

Six years working as a family practitioner and therapist in a substance misuse service supporting families and individuals affected by a family members substance misuse.

Six years working with children, young people and their family members experiencing relationship, and school-based difficulties.

Six years working within a charity to support people experiencing mental health problems to access art for their wellbeing.

Three years as a service manager in a Talking Therapies Service for adults in Northumberland.

Thirteen years working in the public sector developing and delivering family and parenting intervention programmes.


Master of Science Degree in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy

Post Graduate Certificate in Family & Systemic Psychotherapy

Low intensity therapy supervision training programme

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Principles and Applications (IAPT extended training)

Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming

Certificate in Transactional Analysis

Family Intervention training in family Programmes; Triple-P, Strengthening Families and Mellow Parenting.

Certificate in adult education training

Certificate in Counselling Skills