- CBT Therapist and EMDR Therapist


Martin is an accredited CBT Practitioner and EMDR Therapist working with adults.

Martin has worked as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for the NHS since 2010. Prior to this, since 2005, Martin has worked in a wide range of mental health settings. He currently works as a psychological therapist within a psychiatric liaison service, in addition to the private services he offers at Jesmond Therapy Centre.

Martin understands the reservations some may have about accessing help relating to sensitive and often distressing issues. He is a compassionate and caring therapist and he works hard with his clients to build trust and work towards achieving the negotiated goals for therapy. Martin has much experience of achieving good outcomes with clients and receives positive feedback from clients about their experience of therapy with him.

Martin is fully accredited with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and he extensively uses CBT in his clinical practice. Martin is experienced at working with depression, distress related to past traumatic experiences, and other anxiety issues such as body image distress, difficulties around eating and obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms.

Since 2015, Martin has utilised EMDR therapy in his clinical practice. He has found EMDR to be extremely useful where past distressing memories are causing high levels of disturbance now. Martin’s clients have found EMDR to be very effective in allowing the past to begin to feel less troubling and more resolved.

Martin is also an experienced Clinical Supervisor and has supervised a number of CBT therapists.

Qualifications & Experience

Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies – University of York

EMDR Europe Accredited Training Levels 1 and 2 – EMDR Europe