Sharon W

- Counsellor (Adults)


Sharon is a fully qualified and accredited counsellor registered with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and works with individuals over 18 and couples.

Sharon is a genuine, empathic person and offers one to one and couples counselling in a non-judgemental relaxing environment. Sharon has 11 years experience in counselling, working within the voluntary and paid sector of a mental health organisation and doctors surgery. Sharon is also a trained Mental Health First Aider with knowledge and experience of supporting individuals with a vast range of issues; stress, anxiety, depression, loss, addiction, self-harm, abuse, suicide and bereavement. She works on a short or long term basis with people to help them overcome barriers and gain invaluable self-awareness.

Sharon is an Integrative Counsellor who combines the core conditions of Person Centred theory; congruent, unconditional positive regard and empathy, with the in depth concept of the Psycho-dynamic approach. Psycho-dynamic is her main theoretical framework which she uses to help people explore their past to understand who they are. She recognises the importance of revisiting childhood and previous experiences in order to understand how they behave, react and feel towards present situations. Sharon believes it’s important for a person to understand themselves fully in order to take control of their life moving forward. Using her theoretical knowledge of Attachment, Inner Child, Transference and Dream Analysis and her counselling experience she helps individuals explore any unmet needs and gain insight. She believes traumatic memories which are repressed or forgotten need to be recalled and the feelings associated with them experienced in order for the symptoms to abate. Sharon can help an individual explore their life, relationships or look at specific events in great detail, providing an opportunity to gain self-awareness, personal development and promote change. The relationship between herself and individuals is integral to her counselling and she offers a safe place to talk and feels everyone deserves to feel listened to and feel valued.

Sharon understands that most relationships will come under stress at some point for a number of different reasons. She provides a safe and neutral place to discuss any issues in the relationship. Sharon allows each individual to have space to allow their thoughts and feelings to be heard and understood. Her aim is to help clients gain insight into their relationship, improve communication, reduce conflict and enable possible resolutions of differences.


Qualifications & Experience

BA Honours in Counselling

Foundation Degree in Counselling with Commendation

MBACP Accredited (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Certificate of Proficiency (BACP Register)

Mental Health First Aid England

Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Advanced Diploma

Dealing with Stress: Working with Suicide and Self-harm

Safeguarding Adults

Sex Addiction workshop

GamCare training