Troubleshooting in EMDR with Joany Spierings

11 April 2017

Thank you to all delegates who attended the Troubleshooting in EMDR Workshop with Joany Spierings at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Saturday 8th April 2017.   It was a wonderful day and we have received some very positive and valuable feedback.   Here are just some of the thoughts we have received from our delegates:

“Without a shadow of a doubt the recent EMDR  Troubleshooting workshop with Joany Spierings was the MOST worthwhile, informative and enjoyable learning experience I have ever attended.  I’ll say at this juncture I generally enjoy all workshops regardless of trainer or subject!!.  This one however surpassed every expectation.

Being part of Joany’s day is like attending an arena tour with Peter Kay – she is engaging, beyond funny, utterly real and so empathic.  She captured the audience from second one and did not let go till the very last second, if she’d said we’re going to carry on till midnight I reckon we’d have all agreed.

I’d recommend anyone and everyone  experiencing Joany Spierings… yeah, that’s it ‘just go experience her’.  Not one single penny will ever be wasted – she is absolute gold dust, wrapped in a warm and homely Dutch blanket, coupled with a sharp and acerbic wit, topped with years of experience and knowledge.’

“I thought the workshop was a great day, Joany made it interesting and entertaining. I came away from the day feeling I had so many new techniques I could use in my client work and gained so much knowledge listen to Joany’s experience. The workshop not only helped me in my EMDR work but my therapeutic work as a whole”.

“This workshop was enthralling, it held my attention for the full 7 plus hours. Dr Spierings is an authentic and active practitioner. Her teaching was brought to life with recent clinical examples, practical advice and exercises that she encouraged us to consider for our next clinic.  She was fun; I don’t think I have laughed so much in a workshop while at the same time she managed to touch and stay with some very difficult material. 

Her workshop was developed and emerged from her 40 years plus experience of working with complex presentations of trauma. She refreshingly chose to share her mistakes and dead ends in therapy reminding us of the tough job we sometimes undertake, normalising our mistakes and beginning to accept them as central learning moments in therapy. 

The workshop handouts were thorough – and helpfully held within ring binders (this is a simple thing but helps enormously). 

The organisation by Jesmond Therapy Centre was spot on. Clear emails and instructions and helpful welcome by their staff. The hotel facilities were perfect.

Finally, I think we all wanted to attend Dr Spierings caravan weekends with her colleagues where she encouraged real conversations about the impact of work with complexity – I understand this was enabled by good food and other liquid catalysts.”


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