Child/Young Person Counselling (9+)

Counselling can help children and adolescents make sense of their thoughts and feelings and help them work through issues which are having a detrimental effect on their mental health and emotional well-being.

Children and adolescents can experience difficulties with a range of issues where they need someone to talk to in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment.   Some of the issues that children and adolescents come to counselling for are:  family problems, divorce and separation, relationships with step parents, step brothers and sisters, bereavement, anxiety and depression, abuse, anger/behavioural problems, friendship issues, bullying, low self- confidence/self-esteem, exams and school work, identity issues or anxiety about sexuality.

All children suffer from upsets and disappointments from time to time, however children are remarkably resilient and usually recover in the natural course of time with the support of their friends, family and school.   However, when children find it particularly difficult to recover from these upsets and it stops them from returning to their normal life, then they may benefit from talking to a trained child counsellor.

We offer counselling to children (over 9) and adolescents.

What does it involve?

At the first session, the counsellor will meet with one or both of the parents or main carer to discuss the problem and assess how to help. After this initial discussion, the child/adolescent will meet with the counsellor, whose role is to develop a safe, respectful and trusting relationship where the child can ‘tell their story', and problems can be thought about and coped with. Counselling gives the child the chance to talk through things with someone who listens and gives them the opportunity to understand their feelings and emotions and what is happening in their life.

As children often find it hard to put their feelings into words, or they may not know what the problem is, only that they feel bad, the counselling process may involve using non-directive play therapy via a wide range of media i.e. art materials, sand, stones, figures etc. In these sessions we let the child take the lead and work with whatever they bring to the session. Play and art are important mediums which children are comfortable in using to express themselves.

What are the Benefits?

This therapy gives children over the age of 9 and adolescents the opportunity to explore in a safe and non-judgmental environment a wide range of issues which may be having a detrimental effect on their mental health and emotional well-being.   Being able to talk to someone other than a parent is sometimes very helpful for children. Counselling can help them to express and make sense of their thoughts and feelings so that they are better able to cope with their problems.

What does it cost?

50 minutes from £63.00

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