Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologists can help you examine your emotional problems and support you to make the necessary decisions to improve your personal wellbeing and deal with whatever is holding you back in life.

By integrating psychological theory with therapeutic practice, a psychologist will work closely with you to assess your issues and explore the underlying problems that may have caused them. They work collaboratively with you to empower you to make decisions for yourself to improve your sense of personal wellbeing.

A psychologist will work with you to address and help resolve emotional issues, often treating more severe psychological symptoms, which can occur at any stage of life. They will work with you to evaluate and treat your mental and/or emotional disorder using defined theory and clinical knowledge, targeting your current stresses and struggles. Through a range of proven therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic, humanistic, mindfulness and others, they work with you to help you gain a better quality of life and alleviate distressful feelings, and resolve crises.

What does it involve?

Your first session includes an initial assessment with your therapist which will involve the therapist taking a history of your presenting problems and relevant past history. This is to enable the therapist to gain a more thorough understanding of the challenges you are facing so they can devise a course of therapy that will best help you. The assessment will include exploration of your mood, thoughts and feelings. It will also explore life events that may have impacted upon these and current stressors that may be affecting how your feel. Depending upon the complexity of your issues, the assessment may span over two or three sessions.

Gathering this information is an important part of the therapeutic process.  It allows you to identify and set goals and helps you to identify and prioritise the issues you would like to work on. Gaining a better understanding of your issues will be used to establish your on-going therapy needs and what you expect to achieve from therapy.

What are the Benefits?

Meeting with a psychologist can help to reduce your psychological distress and in turn enhance and promote your psychological well-being.

Psychologists work with a diverse range of emotional health issues and significant life events including anxiety, stress, depression, relationships, work/career, self-esteem, anger, eating disorders, trauma, bereavement, phobias, OCD and self-development. 

What does it cost?

50 minutes £110.00

Fees depend on therapist experience and circumstances

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