Family Counselling

Family counselling can help families to identify the real source of their stress and problems and can be very effective in exploring relationships between family members.

Family life can be a place of safety and security but sometimes a change within a family or a problem experienced by an individual, can overwhelm a family leaving them unsure as to how to deal with the issue and no clear way forward. At other times the extreme behaviour of a member of the family can leave others feeling angry and hurt, resulting in resentment and arguments. Although family issues are often easily resolved, sometimes the problems just get worse and the longer they are left, the more difficult it is for the family members to reconcile, which creates tension and stress for everyone.

Family Counselling is used to encourage conversation between members of the family who need not necessarily live together, or indeed be “biological” relatives. Family Counselling can be very effective in exploring relationships in step or blended families. It might clarify a new pattern of being together after a marital breakdown or remarriage. It can also help to process feelings of being excluded or rejected which might be otherwise acted out in disruptive behaviour which is misunderstood by the other family members. Communication between family members might be repaired or established for the first time.

We can connect you with counsellors who work with a wide variety of issues, including those arising from:

  • Family relationships and changes in family life
  • Parenting and step-parenting problems
  • Couple and sibling relationships
  • Supporting family members through separation and divorce
  • Child and adolescent behaviour
  • Death of a family member
  • Anxiety, depression and grief
  • Child protection and domestic violence

What does it involve?

Family counselling can help families to identify the real source of their stress and problems by using a range of techniques and methods. By helping families to see their problems more clearly including how the issues may have arisen, the counsellor is able provide an opportunity for family members to define their relationships, looking at how they see themselves and how others see them. This can lead to greater awareness and insight into the relationship, which may enable necessary changes to be made.

The family counsellor is there to help guide the conversations between family members and will act as a mediator if discussions become heated or emotional arguments develop. Their role is to make family members feel at ease and encourage them to talk things out in a calm and sound manner with the aim of reaching a resolution that is both agreeable to both parties.

A family counsellor will maintain neutrality at all times and won’t take sides or tell you what to do. They will ensure that every side of the story is heard. Each member of the family will be encouraged to have a voice, to explore the problems as they see them and express their concerns.

What are the Benefits?

Resolving family problems can help ease any number of stresses for everyone involved and can increase the bond between family members. Family therapy can help family members:

  • Improve communication skills and ease family tension
  • Resolve issues around step-parenting, divorce and affairs
  • Learn helpful problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Enable them to express their views/needs in a calm, safe and supportive environment
  • Address child discipline issues
  • Feel lighter, more relaxed and ready to face another day

What does it cost?

50 minutes from £120.00

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