Executive Coaching

Stuck in a rut? Need help realising your personal or career goals? Life coaching provides you with the support and encouragement to unlock your potential and find your true purpose in life.

When facing new or significant challenges in our life, we can find that our established patterns of thinking and action are no longer working for us like they used to.

The usual approaches, skills or learnt experience, confidently drawn upon in the past, suddenly don’t seem to be supporting our ability to adapt or rise to the new situation or change which is faced. This can lead to stress, feelings of confusion and anxiety - we can feel stuck.  

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process. It will inspire and support you to rethink your approach, clarify your goals and develop a more focused and nuanced mindset. For example, with a new role or increased responsibilities at work or perhaps when entering a new relationship, your coach will support you to develop your internal and external skills, maximise your potential and improve your performance at work or in day-to-day life.  

Coaching has been described as supporting your ability to have the conversation you need to have with yourself.

What does it involve?

The coach supports you to examine your position in depth, using focused listening and incisive questioning, together with offering an alternative reflection where appropriate. This helps you explore your beliefs and patterns of thinking - to identify, clarify and prioritise your underlying values, needs and goals. You can then draw upon this learning this to facilitate the changes you may need to make to rise to the challenge and move forward.

This learning can be as simple as recognising what it is you don’t want and when and how to say ‘No’, to achieve the ‘Yes’ you truly want. It also helps develop a new mindset to support your ability to move forward with clarity, focus and confidence.

Coaching helps you create new positive neural pathways between the different areas of the brain, facilitating lasting and sustainable positive change.  Also, if you can have fun at the same time, this relaxes the brain and makes change easier.

What are the Benefits?

Coaching develops self-awareness, improves internal management, and promotes self-efficiency. This builds capacity rather than dependency and increases your ability and confidence to be truly yourself, to succeed and to live the life that you choose for yourself, with less stress.

Reducing stress leads to more sophisticated thinking, emotional intelligence, empathy, and creativity. By clarifying thinking and emotional connections, unhelpful patterns of behaviour can be identified and amended to fit new or changing circumstances, or just live better in your present environment

What does it cost?

50 minutes £99
Block of 5 x 50 minute sessions £450

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