Help to stop your mind wandering to thoughts that distress you. Mindfulness can train your attention to the present moment increasing your awareness, clarity and acceptance of reality.

In life, we can feel like we have no choices about our situation, how to feel, or what to think, as if we are running on automatic pilot and caught up in a treadmill of competing, anxious thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness teaches us that we do have choices. Mindfulness means experiencing life in the moment, with awareness, self compassion, acceptance and purpose.

Through learning to be more mindful, we can learn to experience and appreciate all that our everyday lives have to offer, and while we cannot take life's challenges away, we can learn tools to manage more effectively, re-relate and make positive choices to life’s “slings and arrows”.

Mindfulness provides a set of tools to enable us to lead fuller, richer lives, in spite of life's difficulties.

What does it involve?

Mindfulness therapy involves a combination of taught/ led meditative enquiry and one to one discussion, enabling you to relate the theory of mindfulness directly to your own present experience and/or difficulties.

The therapy involves the client being brought into a more relaxed and soothing place, so they are more able to meet and reflect on their problems.  Practices are offered to help the client relate very differently to their anxiety, depression, panic or stress.   Clients are given a set of home practices to follow and develop.   These practises can also be used within the workplace too.

The one to one sessions provide a safe environment to discuss any issues that arise.  The number of treatment sessions may vary, are typically in the region of 8 - 10 sessions.

What are the Benefits?

Anybody can benefit from mindfulness practices; exceptions would be those who are in the midst of trauma or crisis.

Mindfulness based therapy can benefit those suffering from depression, anxiety, panic and loss, and is helpful for understanding life’s difficult situations.

What does it cost?

50 min session £63.00

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