Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy compliments conventional medicine in looking to restore health through balancing body systems and allowing the body to heal itself naturally through a diet containing beneficial foods and excluding those which are not.

‘A Healthier You’

  • Do you need help with supporting an existing health condition?
  • Need help unravelling a myriad of niggling symptoms?
  • Would like to swap feeling ‘tired all the time’ with HIGH FLYING ENERGY?
  • Are you concerned about developing a familial health condition?

If you’re answering YES to any of these questions, would you be surprised to know that a Personalised Nutrition Plan along with a programme of supportive guidance and expertise can help you get focussed on your healthy lifestyle?

By working with our experienced Nutritional Therapist, Aileen, you will easily take CONTROL of your Health and Life.   Aileen will help you make simple changes that work with your commitments to your family, business and having a full life.   She will share her nutritional knowledge alongside her love of good food and experience of working with clients just like you.

What does it involve?

Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching will: 

  • Get to the root of your personal health issues
  • Give you a personalised health optimisation plan
  • Help you to introduce smart, quick, simple changes to food choices and lifestyle which last a lifetime
  • Give you expert guidance all the way

A series of consultations and health coaching includes analysis, plans, supplement and test recommendations and the opportunity to ask questions relating to your specific issues.

To book an appointment or enquire about availability call 0191 281 2167 or contact us using the link below.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment - 30 minutes - £70.00

Aileen will review your food plan, health status and make suggestions on next steps and how nutritional therapy may be able to support your health goals plus make recommendations for follow up consultations or coaching sessions.

Please note that you may require a series of consultations and reviews to restore your health and meet your goals. You may book consultations individually or a programme (multi payments are available). 

To book or make an enquiry please call 0191 281 2167 or contact us using the link below.

What are the Benefits?

Nutritional Therapy is appropriate for clients experiencing a range of health conditions and symptoms such as digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, stress, resistant weight loss, low energy, skin health, female and male health concerns.

  • Changes to your food plan are usually specific, individual and therapeutic
  • Nutrition may need to be adjusted, refined or changed throughout your programme
  • It may take a while to get to the root of your health condition
  • Your body will likely take time to change, recover and restore
  • A series of consultations helps to keep you on track, implement changes, create momentum and give your personal case in depth attention

What does it cost?

30 Minute Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment £75.00

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